Twitter Says It Keeps A List Of All Your Interests – Here’s How To Find It

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December 4, 2018
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December 24, 2018
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Twitter Says It Keeps A List Of All Your Interests – Here’s How To Find It

Twitter, like many of the other social media giants collects a lot of data on you to personalise your experience on the site, including a list of all the things it believes you are interested in known as your “Twitter inferred interests”.

Based on your online activities and even your browsing activities outside of Twitter, the company collects web browsing data when you visit third-party websites that use its API, which might mean a website that has ‘embedded timelines or Tweet buttons’ on it.

To view your Twitter inferred interests and find out what Twitter thinks it knows about what you like, here are the steps you can follow:




Log into your Twitter, click on your account and head to Settings and privacy.




On the left-hand panel, click on Your Twitter data. This would prompt you to a page which requires you to enter your password once again for security reasons.




Scroll all the way down until you come across Inferred interests from Twitter under Interests and ads data. Click on See all.




From here, you are able to view all the lists of interests that Twitter believes you are interested in based on your profile and activity. Feel free to unselect any which are irrelevant to you.



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