uTorrent Beta 2.2.1 upgraded to Release Candidate status

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March 2, 2011
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March 2, 2011
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uTorrent Beta 2.2.1 upgraded to Release Candidate status

uTorrent 2.2.1 has been updated to Release Candidate status with build 24908. For the full details/change log look here. Lots of little changes coming in, mostly bug fixes so it looks like it would go into ‘stable’ status pretty soon.

— 2011-02-28: Version 2.2.1 RC1 (build 24908)
– Fix: fixed some cases where the sidebar wouldn’t be updated
– Change: Always show tray icon is always enabled to work around disappearing systray icon

— 2011-02-18: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24796)
– Change: enable incoming IPv6 on Windows 7 SP1 (SP1 fixes an IPv6-related hang bug introduced in Windows 7)
– add torrent crash fix

— 2011-02-18: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24763)
– Change: CPU usage optimization for the GUI thread
– Fix: create more space for strings in UI for translations


  1. verve says:


    Stable Release is out!

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