What Are The Most Important Features In A VPN?

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January 18, 2019
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What Are The Most Important Features In A VPN?

Take a simple search on the Internet while looking for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and you will find hundreds of different VPN providers, all boasting to have the “fastest speeds” or be the “best VPN” out there. With all their array of all fancy things and shiny rings each VPN claims to offer, how do you know which actually are the most important features in a VPN?

According to PC Mag VPN trends of 2018, amongst the features which users find matter to them are; speed, price, number of servers, compatibility with various service, and geographic diversity of servers. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing these top three features.

Source: PC Mag



A large portion of users, in fact nearly half, place the factor of speed as their most central feature. This is understandable because nobody wants to have their VPN performing at snail’s pace and slowing down your whole Internet connection.

Ever heard the saying that “Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.”?

At BolehVPN, speed tests are part and parcel of our regular tasks. Speed tests will be run from various location servers to ensure our subscribers will always be getting the best speeds they deserve, no matter where they are. Striking a balance between speed and encryption is also important to us. Hence, we also have different configurations based on what you as a consumer would prefer.

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Pricing also is a big factor for consumers, and it is fair to say that no matter what amazing speeds you are getting from any VPN, if you are paying an exorbitant price for it, that still makes it a no-go for users.

As stated by PC Mag, the average U.S. consumer expects to pay around $8 monthly for a VPN service. Of course depending on your budget, price might not concern you as much and you might be willing to pay for higher for your favourite VPN provider. Although you need to watch out because some VPN providers may charge you differently based on what tier you are on, servers or bandwidth you are limited to.

For a yearly BolehVPN subscriber, you can have full access to all servers and no bandwidth limitations at a rate of $6.70 per month.

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Servers are important because connecting to different servers allow you to spoof your IP address and change your IP address to be one of the countries you are connecting to. So say if you were in China and you wanted to access Google, Facebook or WhatsApp, you will need an IP address (read: server) of a country outside China.

BolehVPN provides 35 servers from the following countries; Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA, with options to choose from Fully Routed or Proxied VPN servers. The servers are strategically chosen from 12 countries around the world to provide a bigger range of geographic diversity of servers.

We do not log any of our VPN traffic, and are a registered company located outside of FVEY countries. If you do not wish for your data to be retained under law, you will appreciate a VPN which holds their jurisdiction in a country outside any of the FVEY.

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However, don’t just take our word for it! Here is a review by the good folks over at Best VPN Rating who covered our BolehVPN service and see for yourself what they had to say about us.

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