What is a VPS? VPS vs VPN: What is the Difference?

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March 16, 2018
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What is a VPS? VPS vs VPN: What is the Difference?


You may have come across the term “VPS” and “VPN” and thought they were similar things. Although a VPS and a VPN may have very similar names but are in fact two very different things.

In case you were confused if a VPS is like a VPN, let BolehVPN explain what a VPS in comparison to a VPN is.



A VPS is in fact a way to host your web. There can be several types of web hosting including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and a VPS. Web hosts are companies that provide the technologies and services needed for your website to run, such as purchasing domain names for you, providing storage space, offering Internet connectivity, and basically all other services aimed at helping you to get your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

A VPS is a virtual machine sold as a service by the Internet hosting service as your own computer in the cloud. The way a VPS works is that a physical server is separated into several virtual machines. Each VPS operates completely independent off each other.

Unlike in shared hosting where one physical server is shared with many different customers is terms of system resources, a VPS gives you a private server to look after your content, break free from shared storage and control your own server.



A VPN on the other hand, has a very different purpose. A VPN is a connection to the internet that helps to protect and anonymise you. A VPN is a service by a company which will allows you to connect through their servers in order to send and receive data across other networks as if it was a private network.

It is a tool used to secure your Internet connection to protect all the data you send and receive over the Internet to guarantee encryption, mask your IP address on the Internet, and anonymise yourself from anyone monitoring your Internet traffic.


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