Why BolehVPN Will Not Offer Lifetime VPN Subscriptions

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October 19, 2018
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Why BolehVPN Will Not Offer Lifetime VPN Subscriptions

Recently, we were approached to offer lifetime VPN subscriptions for our BolehVPN services, which was requested at a very low price. While you may have seen other VPNs who offer lifetime subscriptions with cheap prices, let us explain why at BolehVPN we are not keen on the idea of lifetime plans.

Firstly, let’s talk a bit about other VPN services who may offer such lifetime subscriptions. You may be able to get a lifetime subscription online for as low as $29, $39 or $49. However, reviews on the product will probably reflect the usually bad service and exactly why the pricing is set as such. Bearing in mind that such lifetime subscriptions are more often than not offering the deal for the lifetime of the company and not you.

Often, reviews from users showcase how the duration of these “lifetime” subscriptions can be quite ambiguous:

Reviews on popular VPNs offering lifetime subscriptions

Even if a VPN provider was truly offering a lifetime services according to the lifetime of a user, a company offering such lifetime subscriptions is one without a sustainable business model. Companies are dependent on constant growth in customers to survive, and a VPN provider needs an income stream to provide you bandwidth, servers and other features.

While it may make sense if a start-up VPN provider offered a limited number of lifetime subscriptions to help the company raise the needed capital to get it off the ground, businesses continuously offering cheap lifetime service contracts are paying no attention to any long term plans for how the company is going to stay in business (think pyramid schemes). A company dependent on lifetime subscriptions are ultimately adopting only a short-term business strategy to usually grab a quick buck from all its initial subscribers.

Such companies offering lifetime subscriptions would have to pray for a continuous stream of new customers subscribing. But what happens when all the customers have been saturated and their funding has run dry? Where would they be getting the funding to provide continuous improvements of their services? These companies would have to be really confident in being able to pull off new subscriptions continuously because they would already be eliminating the income stream they could have received from any returning customers re-subscribing. Without future income, the company would not be able to continue paying for the staff and infrastructure to support the VPN for a “lifetime”.

Once the VPN providers have all the money they will ever get from you, there will be no incentives for the provider to continuously improve their service since everything is paid upfront and way past any usual ‘refund policies’. And if the company are way past the liability of a refund and can’t guarantee you one if your service is not working, how can you trust them to give you a ‘lifetime’ of quality service in the future?

Additionally, if you are paying incredibly low prices for the product (or even signing up totally free), you may want to check up on the privacy policy of the company. Remember: “If you’re not paying for a product, you ARE the product”. And how would these companies be making their side-profit? Often through keeping logs on user activity to sell customer data or aggregated statistics on customers, on top of cutting back on servers and support. (Read our post on why you should be wary of free VPNs)

For your information, BolehVPN ensures a strict “No Data Log” policy, which means we do not take user logs, timestamps, user activity or IP logs nor do we record info on how much bandwidth you consume.

Alright, so back to why at BolehVPN we do not believe in lifetime subscription plans. Frankly, it is simply not a sustainable business model for a company who plans to maintain operating well into the future (and we do hope to stick around for you guys!). When our subscribers continue subscribing to us, it lets us know that you guys are happy, and that we are doing things right, something a one-time fee would not be able to directly gauge. More importantly, it enables us to continue investing in making our overall business better for our users.

Since founding BolehVPN in 2007, our priority has always been to place customer satisfaction first. Behind our daily speed tests, remote support sessions and ticket replies, we still are a small dedicated team powered by human geeks. Thankfully, to be able to continue providing our Bolehians the internet freedom and security you guys deserve, we have received your continuous support which has enabled us to carry on growing and constantly developing our services for all of you.


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