Why You Should Only Use an Offshore VPN

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August 3, 2017
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Why You Should Only Use an Offshore VPN

When people think of the islands of Seychelles, most would probably paint a picture of its pristine beaches with white sands, blue waters and palm trees swaying in the wind.

But did you know that Seychelles is not only popular for its vacation getaways, but also a haven of another kind? That’s right: VPN providers!

The island nation located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar is popular for one other reason: offshore VPNs.



Offshore VPNs does not necessarily mean it must be located on a remote island out in the ocean, but rather it just refers to VPNs which are located outside USA, Europe or any of the ‘Five Eyes’ spy alliance.



When picking a private VPN service, one of the common deciding factor in choosing a VPN is the number and locations of servers the provider has. However, there is another often overlooked factor to consider: jurisdiction.

Because of its location, it enjoys the benefits of an extra level of privacy since an offshore VPN does not fall under jurisdiction of USA or Europe.

Any VPN provider located in a country with mandatory data retention laws are forced to comply with any search warrants or subpoenas issued to them.

As such, offshore VPNs offer you extra privacy as it is harder to obtain your data logs when the USA/Europe/‘Five Eyes’ has no legal jurisdiction over it.



As part of our dedication to your privacy, BolehVPN offers our services as an offshore VPN whereby we are based in Malaysia but incorporated in Seychelles, an international privacy haven.

Thus, as there are no requirements to log data within the Seychelles jurisdiction, this exempts BolehVPN from the US Patriot Act or EU laws concerning data retention.

When it comes to your online privacy, while you may not always be able to guarantee 100% bulletproof methods, you can always choose to make it as difficult any possible for any pesky spies, companies or governments to get hold of your personal data.

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